xstillkidrauhlx-deactivated2012 asked: Your blog is awesome!!!xox

Aw, thank you! I’m loving yours as well! xo

Anonymous asked: I heard JB got into a car crash, nice!

I thought he was rear ended by some person trying to move around him? E News don’t fail me now.

Anonymous asked: Hey baby doll! Loving both of your blogs, foreal!

Thanks sweetheart! xo

Anonymous asked: I follow your other blog & you have a way with words. Hoping this isn't too forward but I was wondering if you could help me something... I really love dancing & always have been but my parents see a different future for me. How do I go about this without disappointing them & myself?

Aw, I can’t really tell you how to handle the situation without disappointing you or them. The best I can do is give you advice.

I was in a similar situation and let me tell you I regret everyday that goes by to where I didn’t follow my dreams. If you love it and your heart is set on it, I would say follow your dreams. I think you would feel more happy and better about yourself knowing you went after it than to always wonder what if and have that regretful feeling.

I hope things work out for the best!


Anonymous asked: Isn't Tom Felton yummy?!

Eye candy! <3